Monday, May 16, 2011

Timing for pick up

Had a couple people had questions on how long it took to pick up the baby. We were in Delhi from April 30th to May 11th. 11 days! I think that is record time to get and out. What helped tremendously is the lawyer Mr Chawla and his team. From the passport to Visa we had everything done in 5 days. We had already made an appointment with the American Embassy (Jan Dabney helped get that appointment more quickly) to get the passport, Mr Chawla and his wonderful team got the birth certificate and the Visa in about 3 working days after that. Australia takes weeks and England takes months we hear so we feel very lucky!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Two Babies in a Belly in New Delhi: Skimmed in Delhi

Two Babies in a Belly in New Delhi: Skimmed in Delhi: "So today didn't start off too well!  Last night we weren't able to access any of our money via the ATM, this seemed strange as we had just t..."

Testing, trying to post comment and is difficult

Es room

The current state of our kitchen

E loves his swing

Little catepiller


Sister in law & adorable nieces

Happy dog loves little E

Parents house

At cocos for breakfast-kitchen demoed


Susie Q


18 hours later



Waiting for flight out of delhi

Ethan excited to go to california

Headed to airport

Ethans first girl friend

Aussie, American & babies

The very 1rst pic of 3 of us

In delhi- indian food w/our new australian friends

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Photo got cropped

The ipad has no edit functions

Where we have breakfast

New camera enables me to take entire room shot.

At breakfast at hotel

More toes...

Who told me to photogragh the his feet?

Someone said id want to see his feet when they are this small when hes a line backer playing for the steelers

Feed, burp, change, wash, boil, mix...repeat every 2 hrs

Got the swaddle fold down

Ok, you may think its another baby photo...

But i think hes precious :)

Back at home base

Interesting to see the ads of another culture

More ads above parking lot

Indias version of DQ

A little snack for the road?

Titanium frames with high tech components

How we roll -whats a car seat?

No car seats here. Bit scary.

A little smile for the camera